How to Watch the Super Bowl 2016 Live Stream Without Cable

Super Bowl 2016: This weekend, everyone’s going to be doing exactly one thing. How to Watch the #Super Bowl 2016# Live Stream OK, make that two things, because the Puppy Bowl is on. But Super Bowl 50 is coming, and it’s sure to be one of—if not the—most-watched night of television this year. You really want to watch it. But many of you also don’t have cable. Fear not: Here’s a quick and dirty list of things you likely already have that will bring the game to you.

How to Watch the Super Bowl 2016 Live Stream Without Cable Online

How to Watch the Super Bowl 2016 Live Stream Without Cable

If you have a Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV:
You need to download the CBS Sports app, or the NFL app. You won’t need anything else. Stop reading, close your tab, we’re done here.

If you have a smartphone and a Chromecast:
Download the CBS Sports app for iOS or Android to your tablet or phone and cast it to your TV. You have to be using Wi-Fi, though—if you’re using a cellular data connection, you’ll only be able to stream the game if you’re a Verizon Wireless customers. Sorry, Sunday afternoon bus passengers who have AT&T. Streaming the game on your phone will not work.

If you’ve been gifted someone’s cable login and for some reason the aforementioned app doesn’t work (your phone broke, you lost your phone, you threw up on your tablet), you can opt to use that. Just stream the game live and cast it to your TV. A reminder: A Chromecast costs $35.

If you have Verizon:
As mentioned, you can stream the game via NFL Mobile from Verizon for free. (The stream will include the commercials, too!) If you want (I don’t know why you’d want, but if you want), you can livestream the game via Verizon’s go90 app instead. Verizon tells me it’s a mirrored experience, so one app is not better than the other. Also, livestreaming via the CBS Sports app to a mobile device is only available for Verizon users, so you could just use the CBS app.

Congratulations, Sunday afternoon bus passengers with Verizon: You can stream the game for free!

…And then, if you have a Chromecast and Verizon:

You could stream it from your phone or tablet to your TV. Because again, Sunday is all about time spent staring at an honest-to-god-television.

If you have absolutely none of the aforementioned items:
Wow. OK. You are making this so hard on yourself, but all hope is not lost. One easy option is Slingbox: Slingbox uses what’s called placeshifting tech to…well, basically “sling” TV from one place to another. This solution will require you to have someone’s cable login, so start making some friends or cozying up to your parents this week. You’ll also need a TV with component outputs—but you can get an HDMI to component converter box to solve this (they aren’t terribly expensive). Slingbox is advertising a few Super Bowl deals right now, though, making it an even sweeter option if you were considering dropping some dough to catch the game. Right now, you can save $70 on Slingbox 500, and there are a few other worthwhile price cuts.

If you just want to pick up a regular, run-of-the-mill HDTV antenna, your choice cup runneth over. It’s a relatively affordable investment, and easy to set up.

Now, if any of this is sounding like too much work, you can always call up Comcast to come install cable—but that’s for quitters only. And the Super Bowl is for winners. ##Super Bowl 2016##

How to Watch Super Bowl 2016 Halftime Show Live Stream Online

This year, Coldplay is performing at the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show and joining her are special guests Beyonce and Bruno Mars. There have also been rumors that additional artists may pop in.
How to Watch Super Bowl Halftime Show 2016 Live Stream Online
The exact start time of the halftime show is difficult to predict as it depends how the first two quarters of the game go, but it’s estimated to begin around 7:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST. It should end around 8:30 p.m. and be followed by the second half of the game, which should run until 10:00 – 10:30 p.m. EST.

Here’s how to watch the game and halftime show online and via mobile.

Watch Super Bowl 50 + Halftime Show Via Live Stream Online
TV Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Join For Super Bowl 50 + Halftime Show HD Stream

If you are located in the United States, you can watch the game live online at and view the halftime show as well. It’s free so you do not need a cable subscription or log-in information.

For viewers outside of the U.S. and surrounding territories, you can watch via subscription to NFL Game Pass International. A subscription entails paying a fee, which depends on your location, and you can visit the NFL website for more information.
Watch Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show Via Mobile or Tablet

A live stream of the game on mobile devices is only available to Verizon Wireless customers. If you have Verizon, you can watch the game and halftime for free on your phone via the NFL Mobile App. Download the app from the Apple Store, Microsoft Store or Google Play Store.

You can also watch the game for free on your tablet in addition to XBox One, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku, via the CBS Sports app. Download the app from the Apple Store, Microsoft Store or Google Play Store.

Super Bowl 2016 Viewers outside of the U.S. with a subscription to NFL Game Pass can watch the live stream on the NFL Mobile App. Download the app for free from the Apple Store, Microsoft Store or Google Play Store. News Source: heavy

Super Bowl 2016: 10 Things How to Watch in the Panthers vs Broncos Showdown

Super Bowl 2016: 10 Things How to Watch in the Panthers vs Broncos ShowdownThe Broncos have been far less convincing this season,Super Bowl 2016 especially at quarterback where Peyton Manning briefly became a backup to Brock Osweiller through a combination of loss of form and injury.

Super Bowl 2016 but the 39-year-old Manning looked back to something approaching his best when leading his team to victory against the New England Patriots.The suspicion is the Broncos were aided in that game by the altitude of their Mile High Stadium which is, believe it or not, a mile above sea level. What are the odds?

How to Watch Panthers vs Broncos Live Stream

This, the 50th incarnation of the Super Bowl Live Stream, is the first to ditch the tradtional Roman system in 45 years and use the far less exciting numbers we use for every day activities like counting and giving our friends marks out of 100.Apparently it’s because “L” (Roman for “50”, Latin rookies) isn’t visually pleasing. But don’t worry, we’ll be back on track in 2017 for Super Bowl LI in Houston.Just after the championship games, they are as follows:

Carolina Panthers 5/9
Denver Broncos 6/4
Super Bowl 2016: 10 Things How to Watch in the Panthers vs Broncos Showdown
Why isn’t it called Super Bowl L?

We know, right? Lovely roman numerals: What happened to you?

1. Who will be the under-the-radar hero? Since I don’t think Denver will run it all that well, I think short passes underneath will help beat the Carolina defense. With that in mind, I will put up Ronnie Hillman as the under-the-radar hero. I think he will do to Carolina what Shane Vereen did to Seattle last year. His versatility will be key. The Carolina zone defense has holes short when the linebackers drop out so fast. Hillman will take advantage of that.

2. How will Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning play in what could be a legacy game? The two weeks off has to be a good thing for the 39-year-old Manning. His body isn’t as fast to recover, so it should help. I know a lot of people said he didn’t have velocity on his throws in the title game, but I beg to differ. He made the throws when he needed to make them. Can he get it done for one more big game?

3. Will this be it for Manning? Does he walk away, win or lose? The guy is a competitor, but he might be content to win the game and then retire. There has been no indication either way, but you have to believe a victory would help make that decision for him.

4. Will Panthers quarterback Cam Newton get caught up in the hype of his first Super Bowl or continue to show his MVP tools? Newton, who will be the NFL MVP this season, loves the big moment. I bet he relishes it. There is nothing in his makeup that would make you think otherwise. He will be play it just like another game. That’s who he is as a player — I think.

5. How will Carolina slow Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller? Their read-option runs will help, but they would be wise to help with the backs and get some tight end chipping on obvious passing situations. I don’t think right tackle Mike Remmers has the ability to handle him on his own.

6. How will the Broncos defend Newton? They love to play man, but that’s risky against a quarterback who can run like Newton. I have a sneaky suspicion they will still do what they do — which is play man and come after him. That could lead to big plays for the passing game and when he gets outside the pocket.

7. Carolina’s inside three on their offensive line against Derek Wolfe and Malik Jackson: When the Broncos go to their third-down package, they will move Wolfe and Jackson in on the guards. Wolfe and Jackson are really good, but center Ryan Kalil and guards Trai Turner and Andrew Norwell have had a great season inside for the Panthers. Something has to give here.

8. Will Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas show up? In six of his nine playoff appearances, he hasn’t done much. His best game came with Tim Tebow under center. He has to be a player who shows up in this one for Denver.

9. Will Josh Norman cover Thomas in man or will the Panthers continue to play more zone? The Panthers play a lot of zone coverage, but Norman can sometimes follow a receiver. If he does, it would be Thomas. When he does, will he do his weird tell before playing press-man? Carolina’s zone-based scheme will likely keep that from happening as much as some would expect.

10. How will the Broncos defend Greg Olsen? Olsen is Newton’s crutch. Whenever he needs a big play, he goes to his tight end. Olsen has come up big in big games this season, and he will have to here with the Broncos manning up the outside receivers with their corners. I bet Denver doubles him like they did Rob Gronkowski in the AFC Championship Game. They should.
Super Bowl 2016: 10 Things How to Watch in the Panthers vs Broncos Showdown
How do the playoffs work?

They’re quite simple.

The NFL is divided into two conferences: The NFC and AFC. Every conference comprises four four-team regional divisions. The winner of each division is guaranteed a playoff spot, as well as the two teams from each conference with the next-best overall records.The two teams from each conference with the best records are seeded one and two, and enjoy a first-round bye and get to play at their own stadium in the second round of the play-offs, what’s known as the Divisional Round.

The remaining eight teams duke it out in the first round, aka the Wild Card round, which occured on the weekend of Saturday 9 January. The teams with the best records had homefield advantage. Obviously.With eight reduced to four, then joined by the four teams with a bye, we’re on to the aforementioned divisional round, which took place on the weekend of 16/17

Next it’s the championship games, both happened on Sunday 24 February, for the NFC and AFC titles. Again, they were hosted by the teams with the best records.The winners of those proceed to the inter-conference Super

Super Bowl Odds 2016: Vegas Rooting Heavily For The Denver Broncos

Super Bowl Odds 2016: Vegas Rooting Heavily For The Denver Broncos

The Carolina Panthers are an incredibly popular pick to win Super Bowl 50 with relative ease. This means sportsbooks will be rooting for the Denver Broncos to cover the spread.

Watch Live Stream: >> Subscribe For Super Bowl 50 Live Stream HD Link  (Limited Time Crazy Discount Offer)

Broncos vs Panthers

Super Bowl 50 is only a few days away, and the spread for the game appears to have settled down for the most part. The line opened with the Carolina Panthers as 3.5-point favorites. Money quickly poured in on the Panthers following their thorough beating of the Arizona Cardinals, and the line climbed as high as six points. Some sportsbooks have seen some money on the Denver Broncos and brought it back down to 5.5 points, but it is holding steady otherwise.

In setting the point spread, sportsbooks are not making predictions that the Panthers will win by at least six points. Rather, it is set based on what will get the most even amount of money bet on the game. If 50 percent of the money is on the Panthers and 50 percent is on the Broncos, then the house is guaranteed to win because of their cut of all wagers.

For much of the past week and a half, money has been rolling in on the Panthers; as much as 70-to-80 percent of the public wagering has been on Carolina. sportsbook manager Kevin Bradley indicated even with this money, the line is not expected to climb to the full touchdown figure. Assuming it stays under a touchdown, sportsbooks are significant Broncos favorites at the moment.

We are still holding the line with the Panthers as 6 point favorites and continue to see constant money for them. It would be hard to justify moving it to 7, but either way it looks like we will need Denver pretty big come Sunday.

Even though the Panthers are not considered a heavily backed public team during the season, it looks like our bettors believe that even Denver’s defense cannot stop them at this point SBNation.

The line could still move back down at least a little bit. More experienced gamblers, called sharp bettors, often wait until late in the week to make their move. They are shopping for the best number, and also waiting for any pertinent information on the final injury report. A late surge of some sharp money could potentially bring Bovada’s line down, even in the face of heavy public pressure.Super Bowl 2016 Updates & Information Stay With Us Enjoy The Game.

Bruno Mars & Katy Perry to Join Coldplay & Beyonce for Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show?

Bruno Mars performs on New Years Eve at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Dec. 31, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bruno Mars & Katy Perry to Join Coldplay & Beyonce for Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show?
Bruno Mars may be popping up for Coldplay’s halftime show featuring Beyonce at Super Bowl 50 when the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium in California this Sunday (Feb. 7).

While Billboard reported last September that the National Football League asked the “Uptown Funk” singer to “curate” the halftime set, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin seemed to confirm Mars’ involvement in a performance capacity during a behind-the-scenes clip of a CBS program posted on Twitter.

Bruno Mars Asked to Perform, ‘Curate’ Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

“This may be Beyonce’s footprint,” Martin jokes in the video. “I’d say she was here about four hours ago. Let’s look for a Bruno one.” To note, ET Online and SB Nation have reported that Mars was added to the bill, though the league and the performer have yet to confirm the news.Super Bowl Halftime Director on Headliners Coldplay: ‘They are Gonna Surprise a Lot of People’

Super Bowl 50 would mark a repeat performance from Mars, who helmed the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show as a headliner in 2014. This year’s Big Game will air on Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.Billboard’s requests for comment from the NFL and reps for Mars and Coldplay were not immediately answered.

Katy Perry performs onstage during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show at University of Phoenix Stadium on Feb. 1, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona.

Bruno Mars & Katy Perry to Join Coldplay & Beyonce for Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show?
Aside from Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate, memories of Super Bowl halftime shows often recede as quickly as the names of the teams who won. And to be able to recall a halftime backup dancer? Forget about it! That is, of course, until Left Shark.

Katy Perry’s performance at last year’s Super Bowl XLIX ignited a pop culture phenomenon, not for the numbers she performed, or for the special guests who joined her (Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott), but instead for one half of the costumed dancing duo flanking her, now known as Left Shark, who grabbed the attention of the nation and many Halloween costume stores thereafter.

The Last Time the Panthers Played Super Bowl, Janet Jackson’s Breast Changed America

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Super Bowl halftime show director Hamish Hamilton for the behind-the-scenes story of how Left Shark, quite unintentionally, stole the show. “I don’t think anybody on the team had any idea that Left Shark was going to become such a cultural phenomenon,” Hamilton tells EW. “We were trying to work out how we could bring a beach scene to life,” he explains, citing a 2005 Scissor Sisters performance at the Brit Awards that featured a singing melon as inspiration. What they landed on was two dancing sharks who stood to the left and right of Perry – a silly enough concept on its own but one that wouldn’t have necessarily become so noteworthy if not for the fact that the shark on her left seemed to have gone rogue, improvising its own moves to “Teenage Dream” that looked out of synch with the precise movements of Right Shark. Surprisingly, the dancer beneath the costume, Bryan Gaw, was actually a veteran member of Perry’s team (he declined to comment on the story.Billboard

Halftime producer Rob Paine recalls that “a little bit after the show we saw people being like, ‘Oh look, the Left Shark can’t dance.’ But if you look at it again, he’s dancing perfectly fine.” Regardless of the verdict on Left Shark’s moves, Pain admits that “it’s kind of nice when you see a moment you were involved in continue in pop culture history.” Both Hamilton and Paine will be on-hand this coming Super Bowl Sunday to oversee Coldplay’s halftime show, which they promise will have “a few pieces that have the potential to become viral moments.

More News & Information Super Bowl 2016 Stay With Us.

The Ultimate Mismatch in Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 – In the showdown between the Panthers and the Broncos, it’s whether Cam Newton and Carolina can handle Denver’s virtually unstoppable pass rush that will determine the game
Super Bowl 50
The Broncos won their eighth AFC Championship Game by pressuring the hell out of Tom Brady. To win their third Lombardi Trophy, their defensive front will have to bring that same heat once again in Santa Clara.

The Panthers, however, present an entirely different challenge to Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Malik Jackson and Derek Wolfe. These men won’t see the same protections they saw on Sunday. The Patriots, being a quick-striking spread offense, employ mostly five-man protections, which enable them to send all five eligible receivers on routes.

The Panthers, as a run-oriented team, take almost the opposite approach. Much of their passing game occurs out of heavier sets with multiple tight ends and backs aligned tight to the formation. From this, they feature seven-man protections (i.e. “max protection”), using No. 2 tight end Ed Dickson and either fullback Mike Tolbert or whoever is in at tailback (Jonathan Stewart on base downs, occasionally Fozzy Whittaker on passing downs) to block for Cam Newton.

With seven men in front of him instead of five, Newton has more time in the pocket, which is why Carolina’s aerial attack is one of the league’s most vertical. The Panthers are very consistent in how they tactically employ their max protection, too. If Newton diagnoses a blitz, the protection almost always involves what’s called a “full line slide,” with all five linemen sliding in one direction, and the two extra blockers—often Dickson and the running back—sealing off the backside in the other direction.

The Panthers, like most teams, typically reserve max protections for blitz looks. Having the NFL’s fiercest four-man front, the Broncos don’t blitz often. But with Carolina’s O-line being average athletically, max protections might still be necessary against some of Denver’s four-man rushes. It will be interesting to see what happens on the backside of those full line slides. Say the O-line slides right, toward Von Miller. That leaves Dickson and the running back doubling DeMarcus Ware on the left. Dickson and the backs are accustomed to blocking blitzing safeties and linebackers; facing an eight-time Pro Bowl defensive end is a much taller order, even if it is a two-on-one battle.

Using a max protection against a four-man rush can be perilous because it leaves seven defenders guarding the remaining three eligible receivers. (These seven-on-three advantages are what the Giants used to capitalize on with their NASCAR pass rush.) In the Broncos’ case, it’s extra valuable because they play so much man coverage. Ask yourself: When the Panthers go max protection, what happens with the man defenders who are assigned to the No. 2 tight end and running back? In Denver’s scheme, this is generally linebackers Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall. If the tight end and back stay in as blockers, Trevathan and Marshall, instead of just standing and watching, could blitz. (In football parlance, this is known as a “green dog blitz”—the Broncos do it often.) Or when the tight end and back block, Trevathan and Marshall could spy Newton, eliminating the quarterback’s scrambles. That would force Newton to stay in the pocket that Ware and Miller are collapsing. Newton would surely have to hold the ball here because not only would there be two linebackers eyeing him underneath, but there’d also be two safeties playing over the top. That’s in addition to three superb corners— Chris Harris, Aqib Talib and Bradley Roby—shadowing the wide receivers.

The more you think about that scenario, the more more troubling it becomes for Carolina. So what will Newton, offensive coordinator Mike Shula and coach Ron Rivera do? Will they consider calling fewer max protections and hoping their O-linemen can survive in a six-man protection? Or even in the occasional minimum five-man protection?

The difference is far greater than simply having one fewer guy blocking. In max protection, with the entire O-line sliding one way, those linemen are zone-blocking. But in a six-man protection, some linemen will have to go one-on-one as man-blockers. You can’t slide all five linemen against a straight four-man rush because the extra blocker—either a tight end or running back—is left one-on-one against the defensive end (the ultimate mismatch).

Carolina’s offensive line has overachieved this season, but its individual members would not fare well in solo matchups against Denver’s pass rushers. Left tackle Michael Oher lacks the necessary balance to handle Ware. Left guard Andrew Norwell has improved his lateral agility since his rookie season, but not enough to consistently fend off Malik Jackson, the NFL’s most laterally explosive nickel defensive tackle not named Michael Bennett. Center Ryan Kalil would be positioned to help the guards, but the Broncos can use certain front alignments to dictate where that help goes. You can bet they’d force it to go to the Trai Turner vs. Derek Wolfe matchup, ensuring single-blocking against Jackson. And, of course, there’s still right tackle Mike Remmers facing Von Miller. Remmers has risen to big occasions before (J.J. Watt in Week 2 comes to mind), but counting on that to happen again is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice, which goes against Coaching 101.

Besides, in Remmers’ impressive showing against Watt, there were still plenty of instances in which he benefited from max protection help. The Panthers also used some max protections in both matchups against Seattle this year. That’s noteworthy because Seattle was their only opponent with a four-man rush remotely comparable to Denver’s.

So what will it be? Most likely, some form of happy medium. The Panthers must mix protection concepts to keep Denver’s pass rushers thinking rather than just exploding off the snap. This will include six-man protections that have only three linemen sliding in zone and the other two blocking man-to-man (a common football tactic and one of Carolina’s staples).

And then there’s the usual cliché: Players will have to step up. Blockers will have to win some one-on-one fights against an athletically superior pass rusher. Receivers will have to beat some double-teams. Shula will have to get creative and really use his running game to set up his aerial strikes – something he does well. And Newton will have to make the types of plays that live up to his Superman gesture. None of it will be easy. But no one ever said winning a Super Bowl is.  Read more from: The MMQB with Peter King

Report: Referee Connected To Deflategate Will Officiate Super Bowl 50

NFL Scoreboard Stats Standings Teams Players Odds Report: Referee Connected To Deflategate Will Officiate Super Bowl 50 by Cameron McDonough on Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 8:33PM 1,511 Share this: When most football fans hear the name Clete Blakeman, they probably think about the coin that didn’t flip at the start of overtime in the Arizona Cardinals-Green Bay Packers NFC Divisional Playoff last weekend.

But New England Patriots fans know him from something else. Walt Anderson was the referee for the Patriots’ 45-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts in the 2014 AFC Championship Game, but Blakeman was one of the alternate refs at Gillette Stadium for the birth of Deflategate.

Over a year later, Blakeman will be the referee for Super Bowl 50, according to, and with the Patriots in this season’s AFC title game, there’s a chance he might officiate another New England game, only this time on the NFL’s biggest stage. In addition to his involvement in Deflategate and the coin toss, Blakeman also was the referee for the Patriots’ matchup with the Carolina Panthers back in 2013, which included a controversial non-call on a potential pass interference in the end zone.

Blakeman was the lead official in two New England games this year – an October win over the Dallas Cowboys and a December loss to the New York Jets. Blakeman has been an NFL referee since 2010, and this will be his sixth postseason assignment. read more from: MESN

The New England Patriots just won Super Bowl 50

The New England Patriots are off to the AFC Championship game, but they’ve already won Super Bowl 50. by Josh Hill
The New England Patriots just won Super Bowl 50
Who Will Stopping Them?
You can get all red in the face and drool on yourself with rage over the idea of handing the Patriots the Super Bowl before they even play in the AFC Championship game — but who is going to stop them? The two options right now are the broken Steelers and the limp Broncos. Neither team is exciting and neither will outlast the Patriots in the title game.
The Steelers?

If the Steelers get there, the Patriots would be playing a team without a running game and with a receiver who is half conscious and mostly concussed. Someone get the garlic necklace and wooden stake to slay that blood sucker, how else will the Patriots defend against that attack?

Pittsburgh’s defense is alright and could be a wild card but they let A.J. McCarron almost beat them — so there’s that. Plus, if you breathe on Ben Roethlisberger the right way, his shoulder and leg will simultaneously break and then it’s the Landry Jones show.

Good luck with that one, Pittsburgh. You’re going to need it if you start the Landry Jones Experience against the Patriots in a title game.
The Broncos?

Peyton Manning will be starting his first game in five weeks on Sunday against the Steelers. He’s a million years old and probably forgets where he is sometimes. There’s a lot of forehead going on, which houses a lot of football IQ — but how healthy is his arm? He’s officially hit the wall in his career, which was painfully clear when he was benched for Brock Osweiler earlier in the season and we spent a good few weeks overselling the latter’s talents.
The Patriots are Bruce the Shark in Jaws — they’ve already tasted blood in the water and the rest of the Super Bowl contenders need a bigger boat.

Which brings us to another point — Brock Osweiler is your backup. Sure, he led the Broncos to a key victory against the Patriots which froze New England out of the No. 1 seed. But let’s look at his body of work since then — I’ll give you time to be wholly unimpressed enough to believe that a senior citizen is a better option at quarterback.

Like Pittsburgh, the Broncos defense is a scary factor to account for and it bested Tom Brady once already this season. That’s reason to believe that the game might be winnable for Denver, but Manning’s reliability isn’t what it once was. This isn’t 2014 anymore; a matchup in 2016 has all the makings of being Brady’s final triumph over Manning in likely their last ever meeting.
But The NFC Has Talent…

It does, but enough to beat the Patriots after they’ve smelled the blood in the water? This isn’t about a team being better than the Patriots, it’s about someone stopping New England from bending Roger Goodell over by way of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl 50. Watching Goodell have to fake smile his way through handing Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady a fully inflated trophy is the ending we’ve been waiting for — it has always been up to the rest of the league to stop it from happening.

The biggest threat in the NFC to the Patriots are the Cardinals. Arizona has the defense to beat Brady and the offense to manage the game long enough to win a squeaker of a Super Bowl. But they have to get through Green Bay — which is very possible — and then either Seattle or Carolina — more of a mystery.

Weird things tend to happen in the postseason, and we very well could get a game where one thing goes wrong for the Cardinals and someone like Pete Carroll or Cam Newton ends up smiling at the end of the day. If we’re talking Brady-Manning narratives, how perfect is the Patriots beating the Seahawks for a second straight year but this time telling everyone the balls weren’t deflated?

Then again, maybe a weird thing happens to the Patriots and they end up on the wrong side of fate. Like we saw with Jeremy Maclin and the Chiefs, all it takes is one injury to change your fortune. New England has not one, but three major cogs of their receiving game who missed at least one game this season due to injury. Rob Gronkowski is one low hit away from being taken out and Julian Edelman broke his foot not that long ago. Let’s not forget that Danny Amendola is the new Wes Welker as far as concussions are concerned — so let’s not pretend the Patriots are wrapped in an iron cast.

That being said, New England is Bruce the Shark in Jaws — they’ve already tasted blood in the water and the rest of the Super Bowl contenders need a bigger boat. News Sourece [Fansided]

Super Bowl 2016: Prediction, Betting Odds For Final 8 Tea

Super Bowl 2016: Prediction, Betting Odds For Final 8 Teams

Super Bowl 2016: With the divisional playoffs set to get underway this weekend, there is no clear favorite to win the 2016 Super Bowl. Eight teams are still vying for a championship, and most of them have a realistic chance to win the title.

Four teams have Super Bowl odds ranging from +425 to +550, via, giving this year’s playoffs more parody than there has been in recent postseasons. The path to the Super Bowl seemed much more clear-cut at this time last year when the defending NFC champion Seattle Seahawks had +210 odds to win a second straight Super Bowl, and the New England Patriots’ title odds stood at +333.

The NFC is almost considered to be a tossup among three of the four playoff teams. The Arizona Cardinals (+425) have the best Super Bowl odds, and they are giving the visiting Green Bay Packers (+1000) seven points on Saturday in a rematch of a contest that saw Arizona win by 30 points. But the Cardinals would face a tough matchup in the NFC Championship, having to visit the No.1 seed Carolina Panthers or host the red-hot Seahawks (+550).

The outlook in the AFC is somewhat clearer. The Patriots (+425) have the best Super Bowl odds, and they are the best team in the conference. But they’ll have to deal with a Kansas City Chiefs team on Saturday that has won 11 games in a row, and they might have to play the AFC Championship on the road. The No.1 seed Denver Broncos are 7.5-point favorites over the Pittsburgh Steelers (+1200), who will be without superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown.

While it appears that almost every team has a legitimate chance to reach Super Bowl 50, the Panthers and Patriots have the edge in the NFC and AFC. When healthy, they’ve proven to be the best teams in their respective conferences.

New England failed to get the No.1 seed in the AFC because of four losses in their final six games, but the Steelers might upset Peyton Manning and the Broncos, putting the AFC Championship at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots’ defeats came when the team wasn’t at full strength. Hampered by injuries to Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and Chandler Jones, among others, it’s not hard to see why New England ended the regular season on a losing streak. All of those players are back for the playoffs, and the Patriots easily have the conference’s best quarterback and head coach in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Carolina has been the NFL’s best team all season long, and there’s little reason to believe that won’t continue in the playoffs. Experts and the betting public have doubted the Panthers because of their lack of big-name playmakers, but that hasn’t slowed down the NFC’s No.1 seed one bit. Home-field advantage against the Cardinals, Seahawks or Packers is only a small reason they should outlast the field. Carolina cruised to a division title, but should get more serious in the playoffs.

Top to bottom, the Panthers are the most balanced team in the league. Carolina’s defense ranks sixth in football, and linebacker Luke Kuechly and cornerback Josh Norman are probably the best players at their respective positions. Brady has certainly had the better career than Cam Newton, but the MVP frontrunner has been the NFL’s top quarterback this season, helping the Panthers score more points than any other team.

Prediction: Expect Newton and Co. to raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Santa Clara on Feb. 7. New Source: []

How to Watch Super Bowl 50 Live Stream Online

So you are looking for a way how to watch super bowl 50 (L) live stream online. And this is the right post for you to start away. Super Bowl 50 is the biggest event in US TV which can also break the records for live streaming video this 2015. For those who reside in the US regions, you must be lucky since you can watch super bowl 50 for free. Some other countries such as UK, Canada, also have privileged access to the games

super bowl 50

Watch Super Bowl 50 Live Stream

So, camera is rolling. You can expect to watch this great event right from NBC since it has exclusive right to broadcast the game. You can get the NBC with any pay TV subscription or for free over the air with your HD antenna. Make sure you contact your local TV providers whether they provide NBC or not. But if you want to ditch your cable and want to stream the Super Bowl, instead, you can use bunch of good options.

Super Bowl Live Stream On your PC, you will be able to stream the game through NBC Sports Live Extra. The channels have been providing almost endless hours of pregame coverage for free. I think this is a big opportunity for all the Super Bowl fans to enjoy the games without spending a dime. Unlike in the past, you will not need to prove that you have paid for the TV subscription. The games are already there to watch.

The other pros from NBC is that this company has taken a huge step to promote its “TV Everywhere” services. This is great for those who do not want to be bothered with sort of things. This is about the simple process that many people would consider about such an attractive promotion from the most prominent channel.

On your tablet, you also have the same chance. The same stream quality will be available for free on the NBC Sports Live Extra apps. It does not matter about what kind of devices you are using right now. The app is basically compatible for all major OS succh as iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. All you need to do is just download, install, and voila.

If Verizon happens to be your phone, then you are very lucky. NBC provides the streaming service because Verizon owns the rights to broadcast the games and other NFL games on smartphones in the US. So, are you ready to do it? info source: